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No More Plastic Bags Recap

Negligence is described as doing the same thing over and over
even though you know it is dangerous, stupid, or wrong.
Now that we know, it’s time for a change. Negligence starts tomorrow.
“Cradle to Cradle” by William McDonough & Michael Braungart


December’s #NoMorePlasticBags student temporary art exhibit brought 1,020 bags to American River College. It took 8 hours and nearly 50 people to put up.

To put those numbers into perspective, here in the US, we go through 60,000 plastic bags per second and of those, only 1-2% of them are recycled. This item is made to last about 15 minutes and yet takes 500 years to decompose. The goal of this installation was to make you think about those numbers the next time you are at the grocery store and you watch the bagger put your 6 items into 8 bags and to consider alternatives. The entire life cycle of a product needs to be factored into it’s cost. Bottom line, please consider using reusable bags when doing your shopping.

Art New Media Professor Jiayi Young’s Fall class project was to give a jump start to our Sustainability @ARC website. They came up with posters; redesigned this site to have a better flow; and the #NoMorePlasticBags event as a way to bring a large scale art project to launch it all off with. One major addition worth watching is the new Student Corner where we’ll be incorporating information from the student ECOS Club & Student Sustainability Committee as well as whatever they have to say…a centralized place for their voice.

We asked that people passing by take photos and share them with the hashtag NoMorePlasticBags so that we could find them after it was all over. The gallery below is comprised of some of what turned up. I’ve posted all of them to the Sustainability at ARC Facebook photo gallery, so follow that link if you’d like to see them in their entirety.

All in all it was a very solid day. A great big thank you to the students, staff & faculty involved in this event, some of whom are shown below.

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