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Tree Campus USA designation


We are working on wrapping up this year’s application for our Tree Campus USA designation and I wanted to share with everyone our 2017 campus tree care plan which outlines all of the good work our committee has accomplished this year.

I also wanted to share a little progress report on our geo-tagged tree inventory. This year, we nearly completed the ID process of the more than 1,400 trees here in our urban forest, as you can see from the map below:

Click here to see it live on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/T27vbD

During the first year, we had a group of people go around and add a red mark on this Google Map and as our staff id’d them, they turned the red dot into a little tree icon. As you can see, we still have some work to do over there in Horticulture, so if anyone is interested in taking on that end of campus, please feel free to reach out to green@arc.losrios.edu.

The next phase of this project will be to edit each of these little green tree icons with a full description of the tree:

  • The location of the tree
  • The name of the tree species and/or abbreviation
  • Some kind of generic (Wikipedia?) description & link for more information about


  • The diameter of the tree’s trunk
  • The condition of the tree (good, fair, poor, dead/dying)
  • Any trees that require urgent pruning or removal
  • Any tree that requires maintenance in a timely fashion
  • The location and quality of potential planting sites for new trees
  • Potential constraints on planting spaces such as utility wires and narrow tree lawns
  • The location and extent of tree damage to sidewalks and curbs

Our tree inventory has been a lot of work, but now that we are deep in to it, we are finding all kinds of uses for it. If you’d like to participate in this project, please get in touch with us at green@arc.losrios.edu.

If you are interested in acquiring a Tree Campus USA designation at your school, check out the US Arbor Day Foundation webpage for more information: