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Update on our Elkay filtered water bottle refill stations

I went out to the SRPSTC yesterday and was shown their new retrofitted Elkay filtered water bottle refill station! They had a couple questions, and so I wanted to share the answers with everyone.

  • Are these filtering the water and if so, what is filtered out?
    The Elkay filter used in the bottle filling stations reduces aesthetic chlorine, taste & odor, particulate class I, and lead.
  • How do we get the filter replaced when it’s required?
    Fill out a Maintenance Order request using the Maintenance Connection website, or send an email to green@arc.losrios.edu (or to me directly)
  • The filter status light on our unit is out…what’s up with that?

Our Facilities Department has done a cool thing. They have moved the filter down from the water bottle filler to lower in the line so that the drinking water from the whole unit is filtered as well. Because of this adjustment of the filter location, the filter light is no longer in the path of being monitored by the lights. Bottom line, if there is a stream of water coming out, then the water is filtered. As the filter becomes spent, the stream of water coming out will get thinner and thinner, but it will still be filtered. If you notice the stream getting thinner, please feel free to put a workorder in to the Maintenance Connection website (or an email directly to me) to get it replaced.

Some staggering numbers based on what I pulled from the machines today…and a calculator on the Elkay website:

  • Bottles not purchased since installs began as of today: 332,826
  • Cost per bottle at vending machines: $1.75
  • Total savings for our students/staff/faculty if each of these were purchased in our vending machines: $582,445.50
  • Pounds of plastic waste not being disposed of: 13,868 pounds!!!!

Here are the numbers and locations of our existing machines, and future plans/hopes/dreams. We’ll be reaching the end of the money that was donated by our Associated Student Senate for these units, but will make every effort to move forward on Phase 3 as far as the remainder of their $20,000 will go.

Again, I want to send a HUGE thank you to the Student Senate for the gift of delicious clean pure drinking water that I know I personally enjoy every single day. If you do the Facebook thing, consider giving them a big ARC thanks & LIKE on their Facebook page, or even a quick note on paper. You can send it to the Center for Leadership & Development…I’m certain it would be well received.

While I have your attention, I’d also like to make sure everyone knows about our Toner/Light Bulb/Battery Recycle Program—please please please bring these items to one of the many drop off places around our campus. If you are unsure of where that is, just send them to Printing Services. These items should ALWAYS be diverted from our land fill stream of waste. It needs to be EVERYONE’s job to help divert as much as we can from landfills if we are to meet AB341 diversion requirements which require that by 2020 we are diverting 75% from that waste stream. We are currently at around 40% (+/-), fyi.

Thank you all for your support in these efforts.

Don Reid, Supervisor Printing Services

ARC Sustainability Committee, Chair
ARC Green Office Committee, Chair
ARC Tree Campus Advisory Committee, Chair
ARC Buildings Grounds & Safety Committee, Campus Sustainability Representative

Save the date // Earth Day 2015!

Earth Day at American River College


Please mark your calendars for the next Earth Day at American River College!! This year, we’ll be celebrating it on Wednesday, April 22.

ARC’s own Technical Education Department’s will be out with their Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program being highlighted. On display will be the City of Sacramento with some of it’s compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Their work recently won our region the title of greenest city fleet in America! Regional Transit will be bringing one of their CNG buses.and Waste Management, and more. SMUD will be showcasing their latest info & technology that is sure to shape the way emerald valley that Sacramento is shaping up to be. This, and much much more.

If you weren’t able to attend last year’s event, feel free to take a look at some photos Don Reid was able to capture for our ARC Sustainability Facebook photo gallery page. Be sure to click on the LIKE & SHARE buttons to help spread the word.

Get connected–how, you ask?

social networking buttonsOur first meeting was very well attended by staff, faculty and management; which was very encouraging!! Thank you everyone that was able to come…and to those that expressed an interest but had conflicting appointments. My goal was to bring everyone together that might be interested in sustainability issues here at ARC and to share with them how they might stay connected to continue the discussion in between the normal face to face meetings. We talked about the various means of getting the message out and so I wanted to write up a post here to give a roadmap of where one might subscribe to stay informed.

If you take a look at the upper right hand corner you’ll find buttons that will take you to each of our social networks.

  • This website will be the main area to spread ARC news, but every post here will generate a Facebook post with links to bring people back to this site.
  • Facebook will also be where related ideas can be shared and discussed. Think of it as link sharing and related news feed.
  • Each Facebook post will generate a Twitter post with links back to it’s original story. Twitter is more like the as it’s happening feed.
  • YouTube will be where videos will be posted and shared from.

Those are the easy ones you can decide which ones you are familiar with using and subscribe accordingly. However, the RSS feed (orange one on the end) is worth a little more discussion. I use Google Reader to make sense of RSS feeds. The good thing here is that if you already have a Gmail account, then you already have a Google Reader account. Here is a simplified video that Google put together on RSS feeds and how they are used:


You can also add an RSS feed to Microsoft Outlook if you’d like… Continue reading Get connected–how, you ask?

Green Offices at American River College

The goal of this website is to offer practical, American River College-wide tips and resources for greening your office as well as a place to keep informed of what others on our campus are doing. Thank you for taking the time to see what you can do as it is only with YOUR help that this program will have any success. Please participate in the conversations by commenting, liking, sharing, google+1, tweeting and including us into whatever streams of conversation you participate in as we can use your help in spreading the word.

I gave this Prezi.com presentation to American River College’s Buildings Grounds & Safety Committee (BGS) & Cosumnes River College’s Sustainability Committee in the beginning of December and it was well received at both places. In fact, our BGS Committee gave me the green light on getting it Continue reading Green Offices at American River College