Green Offices

The Green Office website offers practical, American River College-wide tips and resources for greening your office. Each of the resource conservation topics covered provides a quick overview of actions you may choose to take and will include a wide range of resources (fact sheets, PDF files, posters, etc.). Sign up now and be among the first participants in the Green Offices Program!

Click here to download the checklist for Acorn 1


Acorn 1 & 2 are ready to go. Click on the acorn to download the instructions, application and checklist. Then, talk to the others in your department and take part!! Most of what’s on the first list are things you are probably already doing–the point is participation & awareness at this level. The second level will be a little more work and might cause discussion, but there’s nothing in there that makes achieving it unattainable. Now, download your checklist and take part!

I should mention, this is an early working model so please let me know if you see anything that needs addressing. I am open to advice, criticisms, suggestions, etc… I am currently working on Acorn 3 & 4 as well as the logos and awards. This project is evolving and could use your support. If you would like to help out; please, just say the word.


The following list shows all the participating Green Offices @ARC. Want to get on the list? Download Acorn 1 today!!

Location Division/Area Department/Class/Club Date obtained Acorn
Admin Administration Printing Services Department 2/8/12 | 8/29/2012 2
Student Services Student Support Services Alternate Media/DSPS 2/27/12 | 6/6/2012 2
Student Services Student Services Student Support Services 3/2/12 1
Natomas Center Natomas Center Business Office 4/11/12 1
Admin Administration Community Relations/Foundation 4/24/12 1
Admin Student Services International Students 6/7/12 1
Campus Police Administration Campus Police 7/18/12 1
Raef Hall Workforce Development Grant Special Projects Office 8/2/2012 | 8/2/2012 2
Admin Student Services Information Services 9/5/2012 1
Mac Lab room 127 Fine & Applied Arts Art New Media 9/18/2012 2
LRC Instruction & Learning Resources Learning Resource Center 9/12/2012 1
Davies Hall Behavioral Social Science Behavioral Social Science 10/1/2012 1
Horticulture Student Club
3/15/2013 1
Natural Resources Dept Science & Engineering
Natural Resources Dept
4/19/2013 1
Student Services
Student Support Services
5/9/2013 1
Counseling Student Services Counseling Department 4/9/2015 2
Admin Instruction Instruction 5/27/2015 1


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