Green Offices at American River College

The goal of this website is to offer practical, American River College-wide tips and resources for greening your office as well as a place to keep informed of what others on our campus are doing. Thank you for taking the time to see what you can do as it is only with YOUR help that this program will have any success. Please participate in the conversations by commenting, liking, sharing, google+1, tweeting and including us into whatever streams of conversation you participate in as we can use your help in spreading the word.

I gave this presentation to American River College’s Buildings Grounds & Safety Committee (BGS) & Cosumnes River College’s Sustainability Committee in the beginning of December and it was well received at both places. In fact, our BGS Committee gave me the green light on getting it implemented and now I’m looking for anyone interested in helping shape the Green Offices at ARC checklists.

Harvard has created a model for a Green Office Program that can be implemented with very little
resources. It focus’ efforts while encouraging competition & transparency. I believe this self-regulated, self-policed ‘game’ has the potential to make a real difference for ARC…a difference that increases as more offices begin to play. All they ask is that we mention where the idea came from. Frankly it’s a selling point in my opinion anyway.

I’m building the tools to have the conversation on free sites like this simple WordPress blog, a Facebook page to connect our efforts, for project management, to directly connect our efforts to a broader audience…and other tools as needed.

I’d love to hear your input. My goal is to define a space where no matter your preferred conversation stream (or your position/union) you can have a voice that will be heard. This blog for instance, you can subscribe to by email (center column on the footer below) if you don’t follow Facebook or Tweet. It’s my hope that this will encourage participation from those of us that will be using it–and to be transparent on it’s creation in case anyone else might get the idea to implement this at their work place.

A side benefit to using social networking tools as I see it; when we are done, we will have the infrastructure in place to use as a resource to further share the efforts going on around our campus and to continue the conversation of Sustainability at ARC.

Sustainability @ARC

Don Reid

Printing Services Department

American River College

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