Library Expansion & Remodel

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Library Expansion & Remodel

Sustainable/Green Design Features

Mechanical Systems

  • Low-flow lavatories
  • Low pressure loss hydronic piping design
  • Variable air volume air distribution
  • Variable volume hydronic heating and chilled water system
  • Central air-handling units with variable frequency drives and economizer operation
  • Sub-zoned telecom / electrical rooms to allow shut-down of central equipment during off-hours
  • HVAC systems designed to meet comfort and ventilation requirements.
  • Air-handler unit filtration for improved indoor air quality
  • Digital energy management and control system to be connect to central campus system

Lighting Design

  • Light Pollution reduction. We have integrated a new lighting control system into the building that will automatically shut down the lighting after hours. Full cut-off exterior light fixtures have been selected with ‘dark sky compliance’ in mind.
  • High-performance energy efficient light fixtures, 11% under Title 24 requirements for lighting compliance.
  • Multi-level occupancy sensors in private spaces that exceed Title 24 lighting compliance requirements by as much as 25%.
  • Individual lighting controls for controllability of systems
  • Multi-level zone control that offer different light levels depending on the task taking place in each zone.
  • Innovative design of light fixtures with MBDC Cradle to Cradle certification.


  • CRI Green Label (a requirement for carpet in LEED Projects)
  • Eco Solution nylon
  • EcoWorks Backing made without PVC
  • 40% recycled content
  • Low VOC content


  • Organic Solvent free latex paint


  • NATURCoteTM coating
  • Made from renewable raw materials
  • Contains recycled content

Wall Base

  • Made with rubber instead of the traditional vinyl that all the other base products are made from


  • Made with formaldehyde free MDF

Stained Concrete

  • Highly durable
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to maintain

Tack-able wall panel

  • Tack-able substrate made with recycled newsprint
  • Free of chlorine & plasticizers
  • Extremely low VOCs antibacterial free of topical finishes or dioxin
  • Xorel meets the requirements of section 01350 California state building guideline for indoor environmental and air quality


  • Green Roof to improve views, provides additional insulation, reduce solar heat gain and reduce storm water run-off.
  • Cool roofing at all other flat roofs


  • Recycled fly ash used in concrete mix